Tarheel Divers

Open Water SCUBA Exam

The instructions say not to write on the exam, but that only applies to those students who are given a printed exam from me. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view the file, if you do not have that program then please e-mail me and I will e-mail you the exam as a .doc attachment.

Announcement: New Management

Tarheel Divers is now owned and operated by Tim and Jan Stelma who have renamed the store 'Diving Dawgs'. They are also the owners of Courts Plus, a fitness club in New Bern. They're great people and I couldn't be happier that they're the new owners.

APOLOGY: For a while now I have been working under the assumption that mail sent to tarheeldivers AT divingbells DOT com would be sent to the admin account- which I check regularly but it turns out that it was its own e-mail address- one I haven't checked in quite a while until last night. I came across some old e-mails from people who asked about charters, etc and I'd like to take a moment to apologize for never answering. I am not sure if Diving Dawgs will offer a charter service but you can call them at (252) 638 - 3432.

Announcement: Policy Change

Tarheel Divers will no longer fill Aluminum Cylinders made of the 6351 Alloy.  This alloy, used by Luxfer in their Cylinders prior to 1989 has a history of cracks in the neck of the cylinder.  A crack in the neck will often cause the cylinder to explode during the filling process. 

The Coup d'Etat

There once was a boy named Billy.  This boy Billy learned to dive, became an instructor got married to a woman who learned to dive and they went off diving together and they were very happy.

Then they had two kids, Billy became a doctor and they didn't dive for a long, long time.  Then Billy's two children learned to dive and the whole family was very happy.  They dove offshore, they took trips, they had become the "Diving Bells".

Then Billy thought it would be fun to start teaching again and let surgery be "just a hobby."  And all hell broke loose...  He and his wife went to "medical conferences" in the Caymans where they'd dive, go to the bar and talk to Jim and Ann (who were cave diving instructors).  So the next thing you know the whole family is in Florida taking a cave course.  Billy's mother and mother-in-law weren't too happy about that... Then Billy's daughter Helena thought it would be fun to take an ITC and become and instructor just like her Daddy.  So after two weeks of Medieval Torture she waved her life good-bye and was off certifying people left and right.  And just when the now Cave DivingBells couldn't get anymore involved in diving... they bought... a DIVE SHOP.

And so here we are... the Diving Bells, proud owners of Tarheel Divers... yeah we're thinking of changing our name to the Bankrupt Bells...  But if you'd like to help us prove that buying a dive store wasn't the dumbest decision we've ever made...  peruse around: buy a spear gun (I hear Riffe's are nice), sign up for a course (I'm a REALLY good Instructor I promise!!), or just stop by to chat... At any rate, ya'll come back now ya hear?